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It’s been two years since I started this blog, and looking back, I see that the intention and/or direction has been slowly changing. But then, so have I.  When I look back at those early posts, the person who wrote them seems quite distant.  Not separate, mind you, just different.  Still here, but incorporated into someone larger.  Or maybe it’s not that at all, maybe it’s not that I have changed, but that I’ve experienced more, and so the way that I interpret the world has shifted.

contemplationAnd so.  Here we are, here I am.  I have been wondering what to do with this blog – trying to decide if it is time to let this one go, or if perhaps I should keep it going and see what it evolves into.  My own interpretation of yoga has certainly changed, and yoga has become less about what i do with my body, and more about what I do with my mind, with my life, with my heart.  I may or may not do daily yoga as asana, but there is no question that yoga in its deeper form is a daily practice.

One possibility is to use this blog to share some of the dharma teachings that I am working with on a daily basis.  Dharma has many meanings – among them the teachings expounded by the Buddha, a way of living that leads to enlightenment, and the principle or law that orders the universe.  In my own admittedly limited view, dharma teachings are those that come help us to live more mindfully, and with greater compassion.

my dharma teachersDharma teachers are all around us, and once we open our eyes, we can see them everywhere.  Most recently, I’ve found Dharma teachers in the local animal shelter.  Really.  I volunteer my time there, working with the animals, walking dogs, cuddling cats, writing bios, trying to help them find homes.  The need is great, and the work can be hard ~ but I will tell you that I have been astonished by the ability of these animals to reach in and break open my heart.

These animals are Dharma teachers of the purest sort.

Chevy Ready for HomeWhich is my grand segue into an invitation:  I’d like to invite you to meet some of these dharma teachers.  I’ve started another blog – the original impetus was to share stories of my two dharma dogs (rescues, both) on their journey to becoming therapy dogs.  But in the process, it became clear that this could also be a place to share the stories of animals in search of homes.  It is a relatively new blog, in its early phases, but it is close to my heart and feels like it has potential to be a place to share the love and compassion that animals bring into our lives.

Yoga takes many forms.  Compassionate action – whether for animals or people or the earth – is all the same thing.  It helps us come together, to remember love, to share this world we live in.  Yoga is anything that unites us, yokes us together in remembrance of who we really are.

So please come. Meet my dharma teachers, subscribe to the blog and read the posts about animals who need homes.

More importantly, what I am asking is this: Would you be wiling to subscribe, and then share the posts about the homeless animals?  The first one, just posted a couple of days ago, is Chevy’s story.  Tweet it, share it on face book, re-blog it, or just email it to a friend. Who knows where or how the connections will happen, but maybe together we can connect homeless animals with people who need the dharma teachings these animals have to offer.

Call it Dog Yoga if you like.  It’s all the same thing – love and compassion, and creating peace, one animal and its potential family at a time.  Thanks for your help, and for being here to read this post.

As for this blog – I wonder – shall I keep it going?  What do you think?

Dog Yoga

Amy with her Dharma Teachers (they don’t let up – a lesson a day at minimum!)