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So much for the “I’m Back” post, written the 23rd of August, only, what… 3 months ago? Mm.  Yes, well.  Return has multiple levels apparently, and sometimes even the best of intentions need to be let go in order to, well, Be.

Where I have been and what I’ve been up to is a story for another time ~ for now, I want to talk about the misadventures and writing prowess of someone else entirely:  Meet Brian Leaf, author of Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi.

Misadventures of a Garden State YogiBrian writes with a sense of humor about the quest that took him into the world of yoga, and how his discoveries helped him to heal his issues with colitis and ADD.  It is a worthy read – well written and insightful, and along with his story he offers what he calls his 8 Keys to Happiness.

I think sometimes it is useful to hear about the misadventures of other people, especially those we tend to think have it all together.  We look at our teachers, our mentors, other practitioners – and think – why am I such a mess?  But the truth is, we have all, even the best among us, had our misadventures.  We are all a complete mess AND already enlightened all at the same time.  Your path is different from my path, which is different from Brian’s path, and yet there are similarities as we stumble and fall and wonder who we are and what we are for.  We think we are crazy, that the path we are on could never take us anywhere special, and then WHAM – we discover we are exactly where we need to be. Honestly, I think it is our misadventures that can teach us most what we need to know.

So go ahead, read the book.  Be inspired.  Head out on your own mis-adventurous journey, or dive deeper into the journey you are already on.  It doesn’t matter if you literally get up and go, or if you dive deeper right into the spot where you are.  Brian sums up the most important thing of all in the last chapter of the book, with what he calls his 8th key to happiness:

Become Most Real.

I will let Brian tell you what he means by that in his book, but my guess is – you already know what it means for you.

Oh, and one other thing – are you looking for a little extra cash for that journey you are on?  To celebrate his book, Brian is having fun with a video contest – Enter to win! All you need to do it create a 2-3 minute video that is insightful, funny, and of course, related to yoga.  I can think of a few of you out there who could come up with something good!  I’m a bit late getting this post up, as his book came out in October (sorry, Brian!), but hey, you still have until January 15th to get your video in!  Click here for the details ~ and if you do decide to enter, let me know.  I’d love to see your video!