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So… it has been a while.  My last post was back in March ~ since then I have lived a a peaceful placecouple of lifetimes, been homeless, found a home, been penniless, found pennies, took long excursions into random adventures, and now I come here and think: But this was only yesterday!


Time is not linear.  Time warps itself, shifting with the day, the moment, the event.  It compresses, it expands, it picks us up and twirls us around and then somehow plops us back down in exactly the moment (and the space) we need to be in.

Which is, apparently, this one.  This now, and this place.  I post from a place I now call home – the amazingly beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills on the California side, where at last we can settle in and live simply and just….  Be.

surrenderThe cats know. They are happy here, relaxed, and that’s a good sign. They roam the outdoors, take long naps, entertain thoughts of chasing squirrels (but never act on the thoughts… they are old guys now.  Better to rest, and chase squirrels in their dreams).

This is it for the old guys.  No more stress, no more moving, no more car rides.  Just being, just now.

As for us people ~ we’re kind of feeling the same way.  Home finally, a place to find balance between work and play. And there are oh, so many lovely places to play here!  When it’s hot ~ these 100 degree days ~ off to the Yuba River we go.river play

Drop the hat, leave the sandals, off with the clothes…. ah yes, floating weightlessly in small pools of cool water, letting the river wash away all the stress.

Surrender. The ultimate yoga.

And speaking of yoga  ~ I’m back ~ practicing and living yoga,  both in and out of time ~ and ready to share my words again.  Hope to see you all around, reading and commenting and sharing your yoga stories.

Many Blessings, and may your path take you into your own time warp, and may you learn to live out of time as well as in it.   Really, what’s life, if not an adventure?