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Greetings, namaste, om shanti!

Life has been full and interesting ~ sicknesses and inner shifts, personal retreats and power outages, restoration and renewal ~ who has time to post?  😉  Having been away, more or less, I have quite a bit of catching up to do, and blogs have been lower on the priority list.  So in lieu ofdownward facing dog my own post, I am offering up a post from Cheryl over at Cheryl’s Yoga Shanti.

I smiled when I read the first line of her post:
Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward facing dog aka Down Dog is a resting pose.”
Some of my readers out there who have been in classes with me will know why I am smiling.  How many times have we shared a laugh when I have said those very words?  Truly, really, it IS a resting pose!

I do love downward facing dog, and it is a great asana for anytime. Cheryl offers up a nice description – just click on the link below and you will go right to it. Enjoy the read, and then go play with your own dog today (and for a bit of extra joy, throw in a tail wag or two).

Downward Facing Dog – post by Cheryl

I will be back on the post writing bandwagon before long ~ Many Blessings!