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(Which could also be subtitled:  Why you are not yet seeing the next post in the yama series.)

Here’s what happens when I study yoga:  I learn stuff.  Big stuff.  Mostly about me.  Sometimes about others.  Sometimes about what is going around me.  All of which comes back to me.  So yes, I learn stuff about yours truly, and sometimes it is stuff that, well, is just not so fun.

It’s been a tough week.  I wrote about ahimsa in the last post.  Here is a direct quote from that post:  “Practicing ahimsa can open the heart to beauty and joy, and create great shifts in how reality is perceived.”  In the spirit of satya (upcoming post) – here is a truth:  Practicing ahimsa cannot open the heart unless you are first given opportunities to practice it.

Did you get that?  Opportunities.  Yes, I am calling them that.  We get them daily, don’t we?  Moments that trigger anger or impatience,  things that go “wrong” and throw all of your expectations out of whack,  people who appear out of no where with seemingly no other purpose than to annoy you.   Metaphorical slaps upside the head that serve as wake up calls.

Yes, opportunities.  Even when they truly suck, we get opportunities to practice ahimsa.

To really embody ahimsa, it must first become a conscious practice.  Conscious.  We have to become aware of our internal triggers before we can learn how to manage them.  And how else to become aware but through practice?

Opportunities.    If we consciously step back every time we find ourselves annoyed, angry, or reacting irrationally to something, then we start to become aware of our energy, and can learn to manage it better.

So.  The universe has been generous this week, and I have had many opportunities to practice ahimsa.  I am grateful, and I continue to learn.

These many opportunities (abundance anyone?)  have distracted me from my writing here, which is why you are seeing a second post here on ahimsa and not yet the post on satya.   Hm…. I do wonder what opportunities will present themselves around satya…  Well, this should be fun.

Read on …. Satya post here