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First – a thank you, and second – a clarification.  A thank you for your comments, emails and conversations.  It was nice to hear from you, and to hear what you think.

The clarification is this: I am not, nor did I intend to quit.   I am too much of a compulsive writer for that to happen. I enjoy the blog, and enjoy the connection with those of you out there reading it.

Really, in my ponderings and contemplations, I was just trying to decide what direction to take this blog…. to continue its meandering course or get more focused?  I’ve actually decided on a bit of both.

The likelihood of me getting those daily postings done is slim, so I am shifting my intent away from the post-a-day challenge and toward the post-a-week challenge.  A weekly post is much more do-able for me these days.

A weekly post with a meandering focus.  Alright then.  Next yoga post coming soon to an inbox near you.

Meanwhile, for a completely non-yoga-related bit of meandering –  2blu2btru over at Indigo Moods  shared a great motivational post on Monday, and thanks to that post I’ve had this great little song rolling around in my head.  Here’s a version with Bing Crosby and Bette Midler….. just for fun: