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I received a gift in the mail today.    A marvelous little book called Guardians of Being – words by Eckhart Tolle, and art by Patrick McDonnell (of Mutts).Guardians of Being

From the book:  “The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn’t been fully recognized. They keep millions of people sane.”

I think that’s the quote I needed for yesterday’s post.  Animals are such great companions and teachers.  I heard from more than one of you how much you have learned from your pets, and how they are great teachers and healers.  I think my cat Deuce is really a Zen Master in disguise, and my dog Kona is a great yoga teacher – he teaches me the perfection in upward facing dog pose!


But is it a yoga book?   Well….. here’s this tidbit:

“Be alert as you watch a dog at play or at rest. Let the animal teach you to feel at home in the Now, to celebrate life by being completely present. ”

Haven’t you heard that somewhere before? In a yoga class maybe?  Just substitute asana for dog…..  Be alert in your pose. Let it teach you to feel at home in your body, to find the ease, to be present, Now.

Yup.   It’s all yoga.

A big thank you to my friend Jane for this marvelous little book.   She is a Guardian of Being too.