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Today the sun shines, and a morning walk through the usually gray, damp forest revealed a brilliant flourescent light I don’t often see here.  Magic, was the word that came to mind, and then a phrase….  so much magnificence.
small waterfallYoga is like that… when the day-to-day doldrums feel like never ending gray skies a return to practice unexpectedly reveals the light, the sunshine in the soul, a moment of pure joy.

No matter what the day brings today, find the beauty.  This earth, this life, this actual being here is magnificent, a miracle beyond comprehension.

It is easy to resist, to want things to be different than they are.  That resistance creates struggle, tension, unease.   Today,  take a moment to sit and breathe, just listen.   Maybe, just for a moment today, we can let go of expectation, give up the struggle and simply experience….  maybe, just maybe, we can find peace in being with the truth of what is.

“Does Yoga practice make life easier? Most assuredly, all that is onerous and cumbersome does not go away. Yet our once implacable desire for certainty wavers in the face of something better: living in awe, wonder, and delight. Life does not become easier: we become easier with life just as it is, without conclusions, fail-safe securities, or the promise of happily-ever-after endings. . . Practice cannot and does not eliminate the extremes of life . What practice does do is give us direct access to an internal and ever-present refuges of peacefulness that exists inside of and despite all polarities.”
~ Donna Farhi,
Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living