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Anyone who has ever driven across country knows how stiff you can get from long hours in the car.   What to do about it?  YOGA!!

Simple tips:  Stop frequently.  Walk.  Stretch.  Eat.  Drink Water.  Stretch some more.  Draw those shoulders back, open your chest and lengthen your spine while driving.

Today is Day 2 of a drive across the United States from the southeast corner to the northwest corner. Over the next few days, I will post some suggestions about how to fit yoga in to a long distance drive, using of course, my own real life experience here.

Tonight though, I’m nodding off to dream yoga ~ need to get some sleep in preparation for an early morning.

Meanwhile, for those of you who enjoyed the book post a few days back – here’s a photo of a real live book store we found today… both new and used books.  Mmmm book yoga….  Lovely to see that there are still a few of these wonderful places thriving!


A Book Store - note the open sign!











Used Books 🙂