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My yoga practice today:  Gratitude.

Being grateful is an incredible gift in and of itself.  The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round…. and the gratitude we express, the gratitude we feel, comes back to us multiplied.

When we focus on the things we don’t have, or the things that are not right;  when we nit-pick, and find fault in ourselves and others, we have a sense of closing off.  Walls are built, pain is felt.   We feel small and insignificant.

Gratitude changes that.  When we allow ourselves to feel the bigness of gratitude, and to find in every situation something to be grateful for, we begin to open.   Simple appreciation:  a thank you, a compliment, a smile that says “I see you, and you are beautiful” can open our hearts and break down walls.

In gratitude, we remember who we are and how we are connected.


Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the earth
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with a love like that!
It lights up the whole sky.

~ Hafiz

a walk on the beach at sunset