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Yoga as you are, yoga where you are…..  Really, yoga anywhere!   A post I wrote in early January had to do with following through with yoga even in really cold temperatures.  Well, this guy tops my 30 degree F yoga practice – he’s got it going on in the snow!   If you really want to yoga, then you just gotta yoga….

My practice today was nothing like snow yoga; in fact it was a lovely day here, maybe in the 70s with a nice cool breeze.  I chose not to do an outdoor practice however, opting instead for a local yoga class this evening.  Well,  whaddaya know….  a focus on back bends.

Open the chest, open the heart.  Release the shoulders, set down a heavy weight.   Stay open in the presence of pain and discomfort,  find rest and release in sharing the journey ~  I am grateful for an opportunity to practice in yoga and in life.

What’s your practice today?