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A pair of blackbirds are teaching me about sun salutations.  Every morning this week, I have seen them perched on the very tip-top branches of the tallest trees, facing the rising sun.  They sing beautifully, taking turns: singing to one another and to the sun.  Are they songs of gratitude? songs to celebrate the morning? songs of being?

I hear freezing cold stories from across the country – stories of deep snow and ice, crazy storms and dropping temperatures.  Yet here in South Florida we rise in the morning to singing blackbirds, sun and relatively warm temperatures.  The contrast is mind-boggling, and makes me grateful for the warmth.

I am here after several years of living in a cold climate. I know how gratifying it is when the sun shines on those icy days, or peeks through the clouds on gray drab days. I know the relief of warmer weather in spring, and how welcome the sun in summer.

It is a gift to spend just a bit of this winter in a warm climate. In gratitude, I listen to the blackbird songs, and take their lead, bringing a sense of music and celebration into my sun salutations.   Wherever you are today, even if you are partly buried in snow and ice (maybe especially if you are partly buried in snow and ice!), take a moment, like the blackbirds, to celebrate the sun.    From sunny south Florida, I send you sun vibes for your salutations!

Here’s a link to a video of the blackbirds.  Enjoy!