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Building a daily practice at home takes commitment, and, well, practice.   Some days, you will come straight to the mat and know exactly what to do, and do it.  Other days it’s nice to have a little guidance.

In the spirit of the latter, I’d like to share with you a resource for downloading a variety of yoga classes.   I admit,  I first looked at this site because of the name….  Yogi Chocolate.    Hmmmm, and yummm, then hmmm again, said my chocolate-loving inner yogi.  What deliciousness could this be,  combining two of my favorite things?

Well, despite the name, there is no chocolate involved at Yogi Chocolate. There is, however, plenty of  yoga to be found.  You can browse through the teachers, and see their class listings.  Some are offered as audio only, others are video classes.   Generally, there is a preview of the class so you can get a taste of it (no chocolate tasting)  before downloading.   While prices for the classes are suggested, this is a site that offers the downloads by donation, so you can enter a price that fits your budget.

I found their about page here, on their blog, however I did not find any blog posts.  No worries, though, all you really need is their website with the downloads here.

Enjoy ~ If you try any of the classes there, let me know how it goes for you!


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