I admit it, I am sore from yesterday’s intense class… and loving it!

Sometimes it feels really good to kick it up a notch.  My practice today is a bit quieter, in response to my body’s needs.   That little area right between my shoulder blades is singing to me, and  my deltoids and triceps are joining in for the chorus ~which means they need work, but with a little less intensity.

I begin today’s practice with simple stretching – using my breath to expand and deepen the stretch allows for greater release.  With this opening  comes the desire for movement, so honoring that, I take myself through a handful of sun salutations.   End of the day,  end of the practice, and I finish with a few moments of meditation.   A good practice for a good night’s sleep.

I  came across this video today and thought it might be useful to share here.  Ever have those nights where your mind is too busy to sleep?  This is a short, simple video (less than 4 minutes) with some good techniques to calm your body and mind before bed.  If you try it out,  let me know how you like it.