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Today, a hatha yoga practice did not come easily.  Tonight, I’d rather be heading in to bed than writing a post for this blog.

Still, I am here.  This was my promise to myself – daily yoga, daily posting.    We all struggle with ups and downs, choosing to follow through, or not.   We make a choice to do something daily…. and we make that choice because (generally) it is something we love to do, or want to become.  And so, even when everything feels “off” or we are too tired, or too overwhelmed, or life is too busy, or we are too (fill in the blank) – we get up and do it anyway.   We know before we do it that we will be glad we did… And the beautiful thing is that we are right.

Thanks to all of you who are just doing it, whatever ‘it’ is for you, and for sharing your comments, here on the blog and in your emails.  It is great to have fellow travelers on this journey called life.