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Sometimes it is good to get back to basics.

I missed an intermediate level class I had planned to go to tonight, so I went a bit later and was able to attend a basic level class.   It was a good introductory class for a handful of people brand new to yoga, and for me a good review of  basic alignment principles.

It is easy to get caught up in complexity ~ whether in yoga or in life ~ and when things get to be too much it is ok to step back, to simplify, to explore the subtleties of oh-so-basic principles.

We need a solid foundation in order to grow.   To do more complex poses, we need to first understand how to stand in Tadasana, how to find our ground, feel our feet.   To tackle more complexity in our lives, we need to understand where we come from, who is our support, where is our home, how to feel our feet on the ground.  When we return again and again to these basics, we give ourselves the tools to fly, to balance, to stretch both body and mind.

Grounded, we can reach for the sky.