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Ok.  I just discovered a great thing about being in South Florida in the winter:  Full Moon Yoga on the Beach.

Yes, really.   😀

A gorgeous night, the quiet ocean brilliantly lit with the rising full moon, the air warm and humid, with just a touch of a cool breeze.   Blankets were spread out over the sand, mats rolled out on top of the blankets.   In the bright moonlight,  the Kundalini Yoga instructors and a handful of  Kundalini yoga devotees stood out: white head wraps, white shirts and loose pants,  flowing white wraps.  There were others there as well ~ in standard yoga clothes,  or loose t-shirts and jeans,  blending in to the beach more as shadow than white light.   A beautiful gathering of people seated together on the moonlit beach, facing out over the wide calm ocean.

I’d received an invitation to this full moon yoga gathering, and had no idea what flavor of yoga we’d find when we got there.   Kundalini Yoga includes pranayama, chanting, and asana, and has a more spiritual focus.  This particular class began with short welcoming chants, then progressed to a series of different kriyas – exercises matched to very specific breathing techniques, designed to awaken and purify energy channels in the body.

Following the kriyas, a chanting meditation:  Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru.  This was introduced as a prosperity chant, and I just found this description of this particular mantra: Har is the creative infinity. Hari is the action and flow of creative infinity. Wahe Guru is the ecstasy of Infinite wisdom.

All in all ~ a beautiful way to spend an evening: breathing and chanting and opening to the full moon.  We ended the class with one of my favorite blessings which I offer to you now:

May the long time sun shine upon you
May all love surround you
May the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

Om Shanti