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Every once in a while, I run across a teacher with a true gift for teaching – someone who can impart knowledge and technique with compassion and joy, and who knows just the right tweak that can open a door to a new awareness.  I may have found just such a teacher here ~

I attended a marvelous Iyengar style yoga class tonight.  Precision, alignment, integrity of asana ~ attention to detail while maintaining steady breath opens up new windows of awareness.  Tonight, I discovered places where I had become habitually lazy, or habitually inaccurate, and through subtle adjustments and wise suggestions came to feel myself in old poses with new focus.

It is important, I think, not to forget about technique.  While it is lovely to flow however the body wants to go, ala Sunday’s post, it is also important to learn the technical aspects, the proper alignment.  Remember the idea of balance?  It applies here as well.  Structure and Flexibility, Strength and Freedom.

Precision and alignment can open up new ways of being in a pose.  Small technical adjustments can create greater balance, more ease, less stress.   This is where science meets art ~ as you improve your technical skills you are also better able to let go and allow the art of movement;  the free flowing intuitive aspect takes on new dimensions.

It feels good to be in a class again, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn while I am here in Florida.   Adding classes a couple of times a week will allow me to balance my generally fluid personal practice with more technical guidance – something I am really needing right now.

So I am curious – those of you out there reading this – how do you balance technique with intuition in your personal practice?  Do you lean more toward one than the other?  Feel free to share your insights!

seagull yoga

seagull yoga