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A strong, powerful practice this morning ~ salutations, long held standing poses, balances, and backbends.  I even included yoga abs in honor of the La Pine contingent (you know who you are!)  The air was warm and humid, a few drops of rain dotting the mat.

Ujjayi (pronounced oo-jai-ee) breathing is great for improving strength, balance and focus within a pose, and  I find that it really enhances the meditative qualities of my practice.  Ujjayi translates from the Sanskrit as “the victory breath” and I have heard it called hissing breath, whisper breath, ocean breath, and Darth Vader breath.  Take your pick!

Here is a good synopsis of the Ujjayi breath.  Try it in your practice this week, and let me know what changes (if any) you notice.

And as an aside… if you are having trouble falling asleep, try gentle ujjayi breathing. It makes a great soothing ocean sound that helps quiet the mind and ease the transition out of your day.  A little tip I am about to go use myself….



These two love-doves were in the tree when I finished my yoga practice this morning