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So here’s the scoop.  I was in the process of creating this new blog, of which I will speak in a moment, when I noticed a little Word Press announcement at the top of my dashboard that said something like Want to Write More? and mentioned a little word like “challenge” which always intrigues my (only slightly) competitive nature.  So of course, I clicked.

Turns out Word Press is offering a sort of inspirational challenge to encourage bloggers to blog more frequently. You can accept a challenge to post daily, or weekly, or choose your own challenge.

The concept goes right along with this blog, since this is about committing to a daily practice – in this case, yoga.  We all talk about things we’d like to do, or be, or wish we had more time for.   Especially around new year’s, with resolutions and all.  But what if we stopped making these lists about all the negative things we think we “should” change, and simply made a choice to do the things that call us?   What happens when we make a commitment to something, anything, and act on that commitment daily?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself about two things specifically – yoga and writing.  I hear the call, daily, but don’t always act. I allow little things (and sometimes big things) to get in the way.  When I first decided I wanted to go to school to be a massage therapist (many eons ago) I went and checked out the school, and then hesitated, wobbled on the fence, and fell down on the side of inaction.  About a year later, I was wondering what to do with my life, and it suddenly occurred to me that had I started school when I first heard that little voice call me  I would have been finished and ready to go to work.  That was an awakening.  So I went right then and registered for school: an action that changed my life and led to an entirely new career.

The point is, if we want to do something, we need to do it. When you wait, or don’t act, nothing happens.  Or what happens is not really what you want to happen.  Saying maybe or soon or someday is just another way of saying no.  So the point of this blog is to see what happens when I say Yes.  Yes to yoga, yes to writing, yes to service. Yes to the things that call me.

What calls you?  What is that thing that you keep you putting off, that if you said YES to might just change your life?  I invite you to share this journey with me – not as an observer, but as a participant.  Join me in a daily yoga challenge, or commit to whatever other thing calls you.  You can share by posting in the comments after each blog post, or send me a message, or what the heck, start your own blog and add the daily post challenge.

This blog, as I said, is primarily about yoga.  Yoga as you are, yoga where you are, a daily practice. This is what I am committing to.  There are many issues and events that could make it easy to *not* do yoga, which is part of the impetus behind a public commitment.  My question is, how do I live up to a commitment in the face of these outside challenges?  During travel?  Living in a small trailer, or with other people, or with no space or time?  We shall see….  and the first thing I need to do is to determine what constitutes  “practice.”   I will begin with daily asana (posture) practice, but there are other questions I want to explore here as well.

“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.”  so says  T.K.V. Desikachar

Is it true? Can anybody practice yoga?  What IS yoga, anyway?  If all you need to be able to do is breathe, how big can yoga be?  Is yoga more than asana (posture)?  Is yoga just about breath (pranayama)? Is yoga a religion, a philosophy, a form of exercise?  All of the above?  none of the above?  Who practices yoga, and why?

And how does doing ANYTHING with daily consistency change your life?

These are some of the questions that might get addressed in this blog.  Come along, share the journey, share your story.  Let’s say Yes to the things that call us, and live that life we want to live. Maybe we’ll learn to be more authentic, and hopefully, along the way have a bit of fun!