Moving On…


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After my rambling post from last night, I am back to say that yes, it is time for me to move on.  I have decided to stop posting on this particular blog.  It’s been languishing for a while anyway, and I think I’d like to focus on my other two blogs.  If you follow me here, I invite you to follow me at one or both of my other blogs:

Radical Amazement – a place for evolving creativity – essays, poems, photos, posts for peace, and who knows what – come share the journey.


Dharma Dawgs – stories of my 4 legged dharma teachers: Twinkle (li’l Bit) and Star begin their journey toward therapy dawg-dom, and along the way offer dharma teachings to their humans.  Share the journey, and help us find homes for other currently homeless Dharma Dawgs.

Thanks for visiting here, for reading, commenting and being a part of Yoga As You Are, and for sharing this bit of the path with me.  I wish you many blessings, and may your yoga practice guide you into the places that are perfect for your own greatest growth and adventure.

~ Namaste ~